I apologize but video is coming soon! Text description below.

The process is some what unsettling to some people and if you do not want to do this yourself you can freeze the head and send it to me in the mail for me to deal with.

You start with skinning the remaining skin from the animal (fur is not eaten by the beetles). If it is a bird the skull is too fragile to prepare at all and it will go straight into the beetles. Otherwise for skinning, you can start with putting on gloves for dealing with flesh. Then using a sharp knife you can start cutting the fur off of the neck and peeling the fur off of the skull as you skin the animal's head. Move toward the snout of the animal attempting to get all of the fur off the nose and mouth area. When you move under the animal's bottom jaw, you can actually cut most of the throat and tongue parts out with the fur if you would like. Then comes the brain, using a coat hanger like object with the spiralled end, twirl it in the brain cavity and stir up the brains to the point that they can be washed out or fall out of the hole. The bugs have a hard time with the brain and it will delay the skull cleaning process. Last thing that needs to be dealt with is the eyes. You can grab the outside of the eye with needle nose pliers and cut around the back with a sharp knife. These are the strategies that I use and am efficient with, if there are better techniques please feel free to share what has worked for you.